Brittany Bailey  So pretty!!  8/3/12, 9:15PM
Rett  These pictures are wonderful! I wish you both the best!  7/30/12, 1:26PM
Ransey  These are great! I am so happy for you both!  7/30/12, 12:17PM
Ray & Marleen  Great photographs! They beautifully capture your love for each other.  7/28/12, 1:19PM
cyd  Beautiful sweet & endearing! Congratulations enjoy the blessed journey..Godspeed xo  7/26/12, 7:23AM
Ryan  Love the pictures and I love you both! CHEERS!  7/25/12, 6:29PM
Julie  Ah! I remember you talking about the first photo. I love the third photo. Just a prelude to the actual big day and all the other beautiful photos to come!  7/25/12, 12:59PM
Madison  Beautiful pictures of the best cousins ever!! Love you both!  7/25/12, 10:59AM
Robyn  Awesome pics of an awesome couple!!  7/25/12, 10:54AM
Kiersten  These look great! I love the very first one- the look on your face is absolutely adorable. So happy for you!  7/25/12, 9:05AM
Jennifer  You two look great!! I love these pictures of you two- absoultely amazing!  7/24/12, 10:32PM
JD Hassler  `Look at those happy smiles. These look amazing!!  7/24/12, 9:51PM
Amanda Couchman   These look so great!! I can't wait to see them all!!  7/24/12, 12:17PM
Sheryl   Wonderful images!! The magic and love is captured!!  7/24/12, 8:50AM
Sara Hassler  Dede, I love them! You did a beautiful job! Thank you so much!  7/23/12, 9:47PM